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Feel the paternal love – dedicated to Father's Day

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My father leads a hard and unyielding life.
But his love is silent and deep, inadvertently discovered.
He is common and outspoken. It is good to have an accomplished father in success and fame, but it is my pride to have a good and honest father. With sincere words and earnest wishes, my father always said, “Do not be jealous about what others have, but strive for better”. I has always kept this in my mind, and experienced his love of silence.

My father got up very early to make breakfast for me every morning from my elementary school to junior high school. During my high school study, he welcomed me back home and prepared for my favorite snacks every weekend. Never have I taken these in heart until I queued up for breakfast at campus. I remembered his consistent care for me. When I called home, my mother told me he was always talking about me, concerned about whether I fell short of money, how my life continued, and felt deserted empty because of my absence. Now, I graduated and took a job in Bohui in my hometown. I can lay eyes on my father and feel his unconditional love.

My father is like clove. Only when the time passed can I gradually taste the profound charm from the touch of my father’s love.
His love, as breeze and drizzle coming softly, holds up a shade in my soul for me to rest, making me more deeply understood the kinship and massiness of life and love.
Extensive and profound like a masterpiece, the silent paternal love spurs me seeking and working hard in the long life journey.
Wish my father and all fathers a happy holiday, health and longevity! (By Jin Mi)

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