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First Major Turning Point in My Life

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Different journeys in life represent varied meanings and symbols. The change from the beautiful campus life to complex social life is my first major turning point.
How beautiful the campus life was. It appears vibrant. University stay enriches me and enables me to fully display myself and enhance my abilities.
However, we have to go out this laid-back campus, set foot on a competitive and stressful society, and find the next trip, smooth, perhaps difficult.

I took my first job in the cyclohexanone wastewater treatment project. I am not disappointed as a general worker and I am sure I will succeed and realize my ideal.
Life here is full of intense work different from the school's elegant environment; in the rather scorching sun and the dusty surroundings rather than the fresh air in campus. As the ancients said, “When one is destined for great missions, he must have indispensable experiences that his willpower is to be tempered, his body is to be exhausted, and his life is to fight against starvation and poverty.” In the severe environment, I am toughened both body and mind.

Without the detached open-minded attitude like saints, I am ordinary and temper myself in both favorable conditions and difficult conditions, and put my talents into play in the most ordinary position.
Let us cherish our current life and do everything in earnest. I believe that there will be extraordinary achievements, after all, for the most ordinary people in the most ordinary jobs. “How can you win the success if you don't go through hardships?” Let us fuel for a better tomorrow! (By Chen Juanjuan)

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