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Springboard of My Life

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Time flies! I have joined in Haili for three years. Though trials and hardships, I have been effaced childishness and grown up with unyielding character and hard-bitten will by its mode of management. This is the first springboard in my life.
Stepping into Haili, I was curious, yearning, and ambitious. However, when I was appointed to clean the roads, all my fantasies were smashed to pieces, anger and resentment nearly drove me to walk away. It was the desire for a better life and belief of competence that persuaded me to stay and prove who I am.

I suddenly realized the days I did some cleaning are the most unforgettable when I was officially taken in. I became fully understood why leaders did that for me. Simple exercise testified the perseverance of young people. I was improved in physique and ability, more importantly, my flighty soul, baptized.

In the face of difficulties, I accept challenges, overcome difficulties, and move forward in subsequent work no matter what difficulties. I was rated as 2009 Model Worker. When I stood at the podium, I was excited and well understood it is not only personal recognition for my job, but also the praise to each leader. It is due to our close cooperation of all colleagues of the adipic acid plant that I made such performances. They built for me a platform to display.

I felt more responsibilities over excitement. I’ll encourage myself and achieve more by efforts and upgrading.
Haili is, without doubt, the springboard of my life. As a DCS operator in the adipic acid plant, I will make the most to contribute to Haili!

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